CONTACT A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - Availability of Private Investigation Services Is Based Upon Appointments Only

Hours of Office Operations - Eastern Time Zone

8 am – 6pm, Monday through Friday
Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.
Closed Sundays and Legal Holiday’s.

Private Investigation and Process Serving Field Operations Hours

We perform investigation and process serving services at all hours of the day and night. We are never unavailable to perform investigation or process serving services.

We monitor email and day and night, Monday through Saturday. We respond to email when or if our services are available and within an hour.

In Person Meetings and or Zoom Conversations Always Available When Needed

Meetings with clients can take place any day of the week and at any hour of the day or night. Confirmed meetings take place by appointment only and are always confidential. Under no circumstances will we meet with anyone who appears at our office without a confirmed appointment, sorry.

If you are calling from a different time zone or after hours, please leave a message so we can call you back. All call backs are within an hour and are handled by a Licensed Investigator only.

We offer free consultations* BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to people in need but please understand you must have a scheduled appointment to qualify. Appointments are set up by EMAIL ONLY. When you contact an A. C. E., Inc. Private Investigator, you can count an informative conversation that will be held in strict confidence.

Contact us Today

  • Free Consultations By Appointment Only
  • Free Email Advisory
  • Free Telephone and Zoom Meetings.

When you chose to communicate with us, via email, we ask that you send us as much information as possible. Please describe your situation in detail and advise exactly what you need us to do for you. If you are uncertain about what you need, we will offer you our advice for free.

Your situation is unique and we understand that. When you reach out to us to discuss your private matter we will make sure we have a thorough understanding before we will offer any advice or our investigative services. Contacting us is a big step forward as you have decided to prove or disprove something that is bothering you or you sense something is not right. Whatever your circumstances are, personal or business, we are skilled and trained Investigators who specialize in personal and business matters. Our professional experience and insights will assist you to find out the facts so your questions will be answered.

Private investigations are not all negative experiences! Our investigation services uncover facts and circumstances that actually disprove allegations of affairs, lying and theft. Yes, there are many people who simply misread or who are wrong about another person or situation. When you connect with us we keep an open mind, dig deep and reach far into the situation so that we provide you with facts and information you can use to make important decisions. You are always better off having facts and definitive information and proof before making final decisions.